What we do

We help our clients become more effective and more profitable by better understanding the experience of their customers, their employees, and their other stakeholders.


To enable our clients to achieve this

Delve Research offers a full range of survey design, administration, analysis and reporting services including:

  • Online and mobile surveys
  • Advanced data analysis and statistical support
  • Nationally representative sample access
  • Paper based and telephone surveys
  • Customer Experience (CX), Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Net Promoter Score Measurement
  • Online User Experience (UX) and Usability Testing
  • Kiosk / Touchscreen Surveys for In-Store and Events
  • Employee Experience (EX), Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty, Engagement Surveys
  • Focus Group Research
  • Consumer and Specialist Panel Management

Above all else

We offer consumer market research as well as B2B market research.

Above all else we listen to our clients' needs and help them achieve evidence-based solutions to their business challenges.