Certified Member of the Market Research Society - Danny Sheahan

We are delighted to announce that Delve Research founder Danny Sheahan has attained Certified status with the Market Research Society:

"Certified status is the higher professional grade of membership. This senior grade recognises your academic achievements as well as career experience. It is suitable for senior practitioners who have progressed to a leadership level in research, insight or analytics." (ref.)

From Danny:

I am delighted to have attained Certified Membership of the Market Research Society (CMRS). This achievement reflects my commitment to the highest standards of market research practice and ethics.

Benefits for Clients

Advanced Expertise: The CMRS designation is an assurance of a comprehensive understanding and application of market research methodologies. This level of expertise enables the delivery of sophisticated solutions for complex market research projects.

Quality and Ethical Assurance: Adherence to the MRS Code of Conduct is a fundamental aspect of CMRS certification, ensuring that all research activities are conducted with integrity and respect for confidentiality. This provides clients with confidence in the processes and outcomes of the research conducted.

Innovative Research Approaches: Continuous professional development is integral to achieving and maintaining CMRS status, ensuring ongoing exposure to the latest in research techniques and trends. This benefits clients through the application of innovative and effective research strategies.

International Recognition: The CMRS designation is recognised globally. This is particularly beneficial for businesses operating in or looking to expand into international markets.

Professional Commitment: The commitment required to achieve and maintain CMRS status reflects a dedication to providing high-quality service and results in the field of market research.

The upgrade to Certified Membership of the Market Research Society is not just a personal achievement but a commitment to providing research services of the highest standard. This status ensures that clients receive not only technically sound and ethically conducted research but also strategic insights aligned with their business objectives.

Thank you to all clients and partners for your continued trust and support of our business.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss how Delve Research can support your next project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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