.:About Us   Delve Research is an independent market research agency based in Cork, Ireland. Delve  Research provides professional marketing research services across a range of industries  including financial services, agribusiness, retail, hospitality and professional services.  We serve and understand the needs of clients from both the private and public sectors.  Contact us now to find out how Delve Research can meet your needs.  .:Delve Deeper Please use the menu above to find out more about the range of research services offered by  Delve Research, including:  Online Surveys  Paper Based and Telephone Surveys Mobile Surveys  Kiosk / Touchscreen Surveys for In-Store & Events  Customer Satisfaction, Loyalty, Net Promoter Measurement  Employee Satisfaction, Loyalty, Engagement Surveys  Focus Group Research  Panel Management  .:Tel +353 (0)22 25088  .:email surveys@delve-research.com  .:Daniel Sheahan (principal of Delve Research) is a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland  .:Kildorrery, Co Cork, Ireland   

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